Accessible and safe route
The platform was created to inform the society of Armavir city about the passable routes to the destination. The platform will also inform about the possibilities of accessing state and public institutions.
Agency for Registration of Civil Residence Acts
Passport department
Court of General Jurisdiction
Territorial Center of Unified Social Service
Sustainable regional ․․․․development
People with mobility problems have nowhere to go in Armavir city. The streets are overloaded with obstacles and the buildings have no facilities for entry.
There are structures that are obliged to ensure the entry of citizens, or the cost of living in the territory of the administrative building. In particular, the regional center of the Unified Social Service, where both the disabled and pensioners are registered and must enter this structure at least once a year. It turns out that disabled people, especially wheelchair users, cannot enter the social service center.
It should be noted that this structure serves more than 30 thousand citizens.
10 Hanrapetutyan, 0901 Armavir, Armenia
Sustainable regional development
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